Kemper Norton - Carn


Kemper Norton

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Kemper Norton - Carn

Forthcoming on CD in digpak with colour booklet and sleevenotes, this is the debut full-length album from Kemper Norton.

From a recent interview by Russell Cuzner at The Quietus:
The sound is formed of acoustic folk miniatures swimming through pools of synthetic texture, while found sounds float to the surface, dredging up tiny hints of dance rhythms in their wake. These ingredients - far from being a casually picked, if natty, selection from the twentieth century's smorgasbord of genres - are stirred together with idiosyncratic focus to produce a strange, heady brew that's neither folk nor electronica, neither analogue nor digital, but something else; boasting new flavours with familiar seasoning.


CD Album (EP30)
  1. Kemper Norton - 22.8.99
  2. Kemper Norton - Velan Dreath 1
  3. Kemper Norton - Colour the Ocean Pink
  4. Kemper Norton - My Ath Kar
  5. Kemper Norton - Dorcus
  6. Kemper Norton - Velan Dreath 2
  7. Kemper Norton - Windwept
  8. Kemper Norton - Nucker Hole 1
  9. Kemper Norton - Seven Times Round
  10. Kemper Norton - Tenantry Down Wassail
  11. Kemper Norton - Farisee
  12. Kemper Norton - Uncounted

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