John Cohen - Deaf Arena

Deaf Arena

John Cohen

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John Cohen - Deaf Arena

Like a contact mic'd ageless woodcut of just-post-feudal spiritual ritual, the whiteout drudge and dang of mud caked fertility dances dreamt up by the some windswept, blotchy cheeked Dungeons and Dragons mesiter whose basement hovel sprawls beneath yet another godawful Berlin video artists medicinally white-walled studio apartment. Keep hearing descending washes of snow-tone squeal every time they put the tap on. Must get that fixed. Roasted to within an inch of its life. Early Loefah cd-r's indigested through Pat Maherr's '95 knockoff walkman. Whitechapel smog fantasias. Franz Kline's pet slug. Had their first real taste of a rave culture cruelly snatched away from them by nepotism and “professionals”. Eternity in a shipyard. Equator thick line of asbestos. Lawrence and Wishart, 1956. Just because the church organist believes all that shit doesn't mean he isn't capable of total baws-oot oversharing. We've all said things we regret. Far too beautiful for the internet.
Daniel Baker (Ship Canal)

John Cohen has been recording and performing as Dead Fader since 2010. This is the debut release under his own name.


CD Album (EP27)
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  7. John Cohen - Deaf Arena
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